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Monday, February 21, 2011

Fear of Backslide

Suffice it to say, I was doing GREAT at getting back to exercising for the first time in 5 years until this week when...first, I learned that the guy I was "dating" was a complete and total loser and user (and, obviously, a waste of my time and effort) and, second, I was stuck suffering from the raging stomach flu he so generously passed to me as a parting gift, wiping me out for the past four days.

I bought the treadmill last January (2010), thinking that, with exercise equipment in my own apartment, I would have no excuse not to work out. After all, I must spend at least an hour each day watching TV, so, why not spend that hour on the treadmill?

In addition, I figured that I would save money by cancelling the gym membership I hadn't been using anyway. The treadmill would pay for itself within six months.

Needless to say, the treadmill sat there gathering dust for about a year.

After my birthday, in early January, I decided that push had come to shove. I made up my mind that I was going to get back on track.

And, I did. Knowing that someone was seeing my body was the best motivator I could've ever asked for. I worked out more since the beginning of January than I had worked out during the past five years, and the results showed. More and more each week. As Treadie (as I affectionately refer to my treadmill) and I spent more time together, I lost more weight and gained more muscle tone, not to mention fabulously inspiring positive affirmation from my Facebook friends.

So, now I'm afraid. Very afraid.

I am ready to start up again. Will my determination lapse though, now that no pseudo-significant other will be following my progress? I guess time will tell within the next few weeks.

Fingers crossed...stay tuned.


  1. Ugh, forget the loser. He does not have the power to deter you from your goals. If anything, you should be more motivated to exercise, to show him what he lost! Looking and feeling great are the best revenge! Not to mention, there are endless possibilities of new men.... The right one for you is out there, waiting to be found! Keep that as your motivation. The dog days are over, Rachel. Play it every day, and live it!

  2. Rach - You are doing this for you and no one else. AND YOU CAN DO IT! There are lots of other fish in the sea, but there is only one Super Rachel!

  3. I'm happy to see you got the blog started.You are already an inspiration.

  4. Oh man, Blogger ate my rambling but enthusiastic comment. You're awesome for doing this, awesome for blogging it, too. I'm reminded of that commercial that reference's Newton's first law - once you get the ball rolling, you're at a definite advantage. Me, I need to climb back on the fitness wagon after having a baby 4 months ago, so I'll check back in and look to you for inspiration!